Greenwald on Goldberg

There’s something a little disgusting about Glenn Greenwald, in this post, taking a cheap shot at Jeffrey Goldberg, portraying Goldberg as some sort of bloodthirsty oppressor of Palestinians, when Goldberg’s position on Middle East peace is in fact more admirable than most. Goldberg, today:

I’m for the creation of a Palestinian state on one hundred percent of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (or a Palestinian state that equals one hundred percent of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, through land swaps); a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem that mirrors the Israeli capital in West Jerusalem; an immediate end to all settlements; Israeli negotiations with Syria that would bring about peace and an end to Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights. I’m a defender of J Street and I’ve been critical of AIPAC on the op-ed page of The New York Times. And I’ve often written that the status quo is untenable.

I hardly need to state that I agree wholeheartedly, and if Greenwald has a problem with the substance of any of Goldberg’s positions, he should make them plain, rather than resorting to personal smears, trotting out thinly veiled dual-loyalty accusations and linking with implicit approval to this absolutist nutcase.

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  1. Judeosphere says:

    Well put. I feel this Spencer Ackerman post on Goldberg was also a really cheap shot:

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